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Listed for sale here are some clothing, some CD's (A-K L-Z), some printer parts, some toners and consumables for older copiers and faxes, some Books and Paper Items, older computer manuals and paper items, AC adapters for various electronic equipment,some automotive parts, Some older Apple Computer Parts & Accessories, Some various computer keyboards, hard to find computer parts, and some stuff that doesn't really fit into the other categories. Please click on a category for more information.

If you need to contact me to ask a question, please contact me: here. (Delete ".spamblock.") My ebay user name is gordo-gato, please check out my feedback

My ebid.net user name is gordogato.

Apple Computer Parts and Accessories

Misc parts for old computers

Misc Keyboards

Different Compact Discs Available

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Books, Journals, and Phamphlets

Misc Stuff

Various Computer Manuals & Paper Items

Various AC & Power Adapters

Misc Toner and Consumables for Older Copiers and Faxes

Misc parts for old Laser Printers

Automotive Parts and Accessories

Misc Shirts, Hats, and Articles of Clothing

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Updated 22 January 2009